🇬🇧 Aragon User Documentation

After you've started a DAO

Once you have started a DAO there are some additional tools you may want to consider using to help monitor and promote the work you're doing.
  • Head over to DeepDao.io and make sure you've been listed for their analytics.
  • Go to Dune.xyz and build your own dashboard https://dune.xyz/browse/dashboards?q=aragon there have been many built already, and you can customize these to get a better understanding of how your DAO works in practice.
  • If you're planning on fundraising you may want to list your new token on Uniswap https://www.leewayhertz.com/tokens-on-uniswap-exchange/ is a tutorial for that.
  • Form a legal wrapper for your DAO! Working with Otoco.io and Gnosis-safe.io you can now build a DAO and port your governance tokens in to Otoco.io to begin developing legal compliance in your work. More info here
  • If you are opening up your DAO to the public and have made significant changes to the default template settings you may consider having an audit done - reach out to the Tech Support Guild for additional resources.
  • Communicate with the community - join us on Discord to have your work showcased.