Adding a new token for legal integration
In this section, we show how Aragon might interact with a legal entity such as a Series Delaware LLC. In our example the Aragon DAO leverages Gnosis Safe and EVM-CRISPR as well, to show how an existing DAO might gain access to the legal entities.


Legal wrappers are a challenging subject, and for clarity's sake the author here is not a lawyer or giving legal advice... the goal in this work is to show one example of how Aragon might interact with an LLC, however this example is not meant to serve as a necessarily useful process, and rather as a starting point for critique....

Quick start

Create your DAO starting here. For this example, I've created an Aragon Reputation DAO
Basic DAO with a reputation DAO - used because these tokens should be non-transferable

Mint your Token

Then head over to EVM CRISPR where you can drop in some code to mint a new token.
  • Connect your wallet
  • Clear the console
  • Copy and paste these commands
connect your-dao-here token-manager voting
new token "Test Token" TEST token-manager:new
install token-manager:new token:TEST true 0
grant voting token-manager:new MINT_ROLE voting
grant voting token-manager:new BURN_ROLE voting
exec token-manager:new mint @me 100e18
  • Click the forward command and sign the transaction on your wallet
  • After the transaction is confirmed, click Go Vote and vote on your DAO
Vote on your EVM CRISPR transaction
Now that you have created your new tokens you can see them in your tokens list.
This is our DAO

Legal wrapper for you Aragon DAO

Now over to Gnosis where we are going to connect the dots.
  • Create a Gnosis safe vault (for more help go here) and deposit some funds to your vault for signing the transactions.
  • Load the Otoco App
  • Name your company and choose between Delaware, UNA and Wyoming DAOs.
  • Approve Payment and Activate the Company
The main steps are shown in the images below.
Create a vault in gnosis
Load the Otoco App
Name your cool company & choose between Delaware, UNA, and Wyoming DAOs
Choose your flavor and mint!
If you see a message like that "your entity smart contract is not a wallet", go on the "Asset wallet" page and add an owner (a Wallet address or a Gnosis Safe Address).
Then go on the Tokens page and copy and paste the address of your token (you can find it on the Organization page in your DAO).
Transfer the tokens from your DAO to your Otoco LLC
Now you have a Delaware LLC with Aragon minted tokens!
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