Creating a voting proposal
In this section, you will learn how to create a voting process in the Aragon Vocdoni Organization.

Steps for creating a voting proposal

Create a Vote

On the top right click on the name of your entity/organization select the ** _Dashboard_ ** option.
Dashboard page - Create a voting process
Click on the Create a voting process and fill in the fields on the New Vote page.

Details page

Title: the title of your voting process
Header image: the header to your voting process
Documentation (optional field): here you can add an URL to the documentation related to this voting process (it could be a link to a web, a cloud, a folder)
Questions and Answers (optional field): here you can add an URL to a question and answer system (it could be a forum, e-mail, website, telegram group)
Video stream link (optional field): here you can add an URL to a video (like a Youtube video)
Description: the description of the voting process
Question: the question of the voting process (what is the vote about). Each question has a Title, a Description, and Options (these are the options among which the users can choose at the voting time). More options can be added using the Add an option button.
The voting process can have more than one question. More questions can be added using the Add a question button.
The Preview button shows a preview of the voting process.
Preview of the Voting process

Who can Vote Page

On the Who can Vote page you can:
  • Select the voting options: normal voting (where all the voters have the same voting power) and weighted voting (where voters may have different voting power)
  • Import the list of voters: only the voters on the list can vote on the voting process. To create the list of voters you can download the available template (Download template** ** button), adjust the fields (you can add for example the National Id) and then drag and drop the file (.csv, .xlsx, .ods formats are supported).
Who can vote page
Form for the voters

Settings Page

On the Settings page enter:
  • Start Date: the start date at which votes are accepted. It could start on a specific date or start right away.
  • End Date: the date until votes are accepted.
  • Results availability: the results should be visible in real time or only after the end of the voting process.

Creation page

After clicking the Continue button the vote process will be created.
Creation voting process

Ready page

After the vote is set, the ** _ready page**_ will show the voting process link.
Share the voting process link with the voters.
Now, in your Dashboard, the Active vote will be shown.
Active vote in the Dashboard.
If you need to close or to cancel a vote, go to the Dashboard** ** and click the Vote you need to close or cancel. On the ** _Vote details** _ page click the Close** ** or ** _Cancel_ ** button.
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